Heshima Kenya Neck Tie

Neck Tie Details

Our twist on the classic neck tie. This tie is calm and collected on the surface, but bursting with personality underneath. As you move the unique fabric on the tail peeks out, giving the world a glimpse of your inner vibe.

Take part in our small, daily rebellion against undue restraint by leaving your tail free to float outside the holder loop.



Blade is made with 100% pure woven jacquard silk

Tail is made with 100% cotton made by Heshima Kenya

Cut, stitched, and finished by hand in Rwanda

Blade color is solid black

Tail colors are black and white


Size is 2" shorter than the average tie, fits adults under 6 feet tall (56" long, 3" wide) 


Take care of this baby.

The tail of this tie is made with a soft cotton tie-dyed fabric, which is much softer than the rest of the Angelo Igitego collection. The batik tail and the silk blade are safe to iron; pressing your tie for just a few seconds will give it a crisp, clean finish. Dry clean to remove stains or residue.

More about this fabric.

This is a special edition tie made in partnership with Heshima Kenya, a non-profit social enterprise that works to protect, nurture and empower refugee women and girls in Nairobi, Kenya. Members of their organization designed and produced this hand-dyed fabric especially for us, and our team turned them into ties like the one shown here. Read about this wonderful organization at the link below.


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