Lucky Bow Tie

Product Details

Lucky | Fresh, crisp and confident



100% batik cotton fabric

Cut, stitched, and finished by hand in Rwanda

Colors are two-tone green with dark brown and cream accents

Finished with black hardware

Available in pre-tied and freestyle

Adult's fits neck sizes 13 3/4" to 18" (men's XS to XL)



Take care of this baby.

This tie is made with kitenge, a batik-style wax cotton fabric that is indigenous to East Africa. It is fairly firm, but softens readily to the shape of the wearer with use. Pressing it for just a few seconds with a hot iron will give it a crisp, clean finish. Dry clean to remove stains or residue.

More about kitenge fabric.

Kitenge is complex and gorgeous textile. To create these bold, stunning patterns, a design made of wax is stamped or brushed onto the fabric, then dipped into a variety of dyes to produce intricate, multicolor patterns. Traditional batiks can take months just to complete a single piece. The designs, symbols, shapes and colors are influenced by the many diverse regions of East Africa and beyond. 

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