Remembering the 1994 Rwanda Genocide

by Anthony Gregorio April 08, 2017

Where were you in April of 1994? 
Stop and think about it for a second. Try to remember. 
I was eight years old. Third grade, Mrs. Rivette's class. I think I spent most of early April attempting to glue cotton balls onto colored paper until I had something that vaguely resembled the shape of an Easter bunny.
Meanwhile, one continent over, an entire generation of kids my age were living through the worst kind of hell imaginable. The Rwandan genocide, which culminated in April of 1994, claimed the lives of more than 800,000 people - mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. Kids just like me. Kids just like Angelo Igitego. 
This week we pause to commemorate the deaths of those 800,000 mothers, brothers, daughters and sons whose lives were lost to the genocide. "Kwibuka" means remember. Help us remember them, and help us build a better future for our brothers and sisters in Rwanda. 
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Anthony Gregorio
Anthony Gregorio


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