Telling our story on The Style Podcast

Telling our story on The Style Podcast

July 23, 2016

We're thrilled to share our recent interviews with journalist, style editor, and radio broadcast host Penelope Herbert. In her words... 

"This is an interview that started with fashion yet fashion is not the end game. In a humorous and colorful interview you'll learn about fashion as a tool of empowerment, and how like-minds and vastly different lifestyles and cultures can come together to do something powerful. It's about changing lives, changing perceptions, friendship, fashion... and changing the world."  


- Penelope Herbert, The Style Podcast


Listen to Interview #1 (with Anthony) here:

Listen to Interview #2 (with Angelo) here:



About Penelope | Penelope reaches tens of thousands of listeners every month through her three media brands - Don't Call Me Penny, The Style Podcast, and Insanely Clever Marketing. 

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